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The Dundee and Angus Food Bank

Did you know that, just by being our customer, you can support the Dundee and Angus Food Bank?

The Dundee and Angus Food Bank provides essential help to families in real need at times of crisis. They operate from a number of sites in the Dundee and Angus area, and also operate three vans delivering food parcels to the housebound. Although the food bank operates mainly on donations of "in-date" food, they sometimes run out of certain commodities and need to buy them in.

So how do we help you help them?

For certain minor services, if you would like to support the food bank, we will reduce your fee, and donate 100% of your fee to the food bank.

In 2021, through this arrangement, our clients donated more than three tonnes of food and essentials to those who needed it most.

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